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  • The Story...

    When We Were Grapes: The Beginning of the Dream

    While living in the Caribbean Islands of the Turks & Caicos, British West Indies in 2000, the idea of starting a vineyard took root within Brent and Shelley Bedford. Long time entrepreneurs, Brent's skills as a self confessed washed-up musician turned serial entrepreneur, combined with Shelley's fashion designer/multi-media producing knowhow, made them the perfect creative team to pursue their vineyard dream.

    Over the next few years, the vineyard dream kept percolating away as Brent and Shelley travelled the world with their other business ventures.

    After considering Italy, Chili, Spain, California, Washington, Oregon and the Okanagan in Canada for the perfect vineyard spot, Brent found himself in Chile, trekking through the Andes, with the Argentina Uco Valley right on the other side.

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  • The Story Continued...

    Oddly enough, along with owning a vineyard, an additional bucket list item for Brent was to accomplish the feat of traversing the longest known land route via car, starting at the southernmost tip of South America and ending at the northern tip of North America, infamously known as the "Trans American Highway." While on business trip in Chile, Brent decided to start scouting check points for his future marathon car trek. It was during this scout that he came across the Argentina Region in the Andes and noticed a co-op vineyard, The Vines of Mendoza, at the base of the mountain. Instantly feeling at home surrounded by the laid-back Argentinean lifestyle, Brent contacted The Vines of Mendoza and began the process of owning a single vineyard micro-winery right at the base of the Andes!

    Hence the quest for the perfect location was complete. The idea of Graffiti Vino was born to share with all those interested in the discovery of something new and refreshing.

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  • The Story

    Crushed into Uniqueness:
    Distinct Personality

    Coming up with the name Graffiti Vino was an easy feat. A truly unique art form, graffiti is an outward expression of the artist, often meant to inspire. Just like graffiti murals, the wine that Graffiti Vino produces is art, taking you and your taste buds on an artistic journey; one that will refresh and inspire with each sip; one that will transport you to the base of the Argentina Andes, making you feel like you are part of the wine's creation.

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  • The Vineyard


    Harvesting the Andes

    Set in the prestigious Uco Valley, Graffiti Vino's vineyard is among a limited number of professionally managed Private Vineyard Estates in Mendoza. The co-op winery is dedicated to customized, small-lot production with extensive microvinification capabilities, cutting-edge technology and subterranean caves.

    The Uco Valley encompasses the highest altitude Argentine vineyards (between 900 and 1200 meters above sea level). The awe inspiring vineyards are set below a stretch of the Andes that includes the 6,800 meter Mount Tupungato. The valley's dry weather and broad temperature swings from day to night create distinctive microclimates that result in wines rich in color with red fruit characteristics and structure, ideal for aging.

    In each sip of Graffiti Vino, the awe-inspiring, distinct feel of the Andes can be tasted. The crisp air that feeds the vineyard is captured in each grape. The sunlight forever stored within the skin and juice.

    Harvested are not just the grapes, but all the elements used to grow and nurture the vineyard of the Uco Valley; elements that are transferred throughout the entire microvinification process and go into every bottle, ending in your glass for your enjoyment.

  • Malbec

    Massivo Malbec

    The story of Massivo Malbec in Argentina is quite unique. Spanish for massive meaning enormous in flavour! Grown in the Uco Valley, Graffiti Vino has found a growing climate that is ideal for this purple grape. Excellent soil quaility, drainage and proximity to the Andes Mountains allows the grapes to produce balanced sugars and acidity while achieving ripeness.

    Known for its density, dark fruit, and backbone of tannins, Argentine Malbec is giving California reds some intense competition. This is Argentina's signature grape and is quickly making a name for itself among red wine lovers worldwide.



    Terrifico Torrontes

    The Torrontes grape is known in Argentina for creating the region's signature white wine. The only white wine grape considered to be 100% Argentine, this varietal is usually produced fresh and crisp without oak maturation.

    It's highly aromatic scents are often described as citrus with light spice combined with the smell of roses, jasmine and geranium flowers.

    One sniff into a glass of Torrontes and you're sure to be enticed.

    torrontes grapes

    Primo Blend

    Primo Blend

    At the top end of the wine collection sits Graffiti Vino's Primo Blend. Starting with the finest Andean Malbec and finishing with a splash of Cabernet and Syrah, this combination of Argentina's finest varietals make an elegant and complex collection of flavours.

    Under the tutelage of Santiago Achaval, one of Argentina's most highly regarded winemakers, Graffiti Vino Primo Blend is uniquely handcrafted each year to bring you superior taste in a beautiful, artistic bottle.




    This rose is designed using our finest Uco Valley Malbec grapes, and bursts with beauty and freshness. A unique and rare find with it's bright red ruby color is sure to be a crowd pleaser at your next party.

    This well-structured wine boasts flavors layered with red cherries, ripe raspberries and strawberries, while providing a crisp smooth finish in your mouth.

    Keep several bottles well chilled and ready to serve with light cheeses or a variety of spicy food.


    Late Harvest

    Late Harvest Torrontes

    This extremely rare and fabulous new wine from Argentina is making it's debut into North America. A silky wine of beautiful color, golden with shades of yellow, is only available once a year in very limited quantities.

    Intense aromas of over-matured fruits, honeyed citrus and dried fruits like pears, pineapples and peaches combine with the lovely Muscat that typify the varietal.This wine is extremely versatile, and can be enjoyed on its own or with desserts of any kind.


  • Private Label Wine

    The experience of purchasing private labels or creating your own can be as diverse as the wines themselves - where the grapes come from, who made the wine and so on.

    With Graffiti Vino Vineyards, your winemaking dreams are fulfilled, with a uniquely handcrafted, bottled and packaged wine according to your desires and stylistic preferences. Design your own label and share with friends and business associates.

    Why Private Label Wine?

    • Hotels & Resteraunts
    • Corporate Gifts/Events
    • Celebrity Branding
    • Wine Retailers
  • The Future

    graffiti gin

    Graffiti Gin

    Taking the Graffiti brand one step further, we aim to develop yet another unique product to the family of wines and spirits with a premuin Gin. Bottled with it's own special artwork and distilled locally, this is sure to be your next favorite drink.


    graffiti beano

    Graffiti Beano

    The art of drinking coffee will come to life with Graffiti Beano. Utilizing premium coffee beans from around the world, our roast masters will create a brand of premium coffee.


    graffiti grappa

    Graffiti Grappa

    As an aid in the digestion of heavy meals, Grappa is a wonderful way to end a meal, either as a shot on its own or added to an espresso. Made from the "Pomace" of the winemaking process, which is the leftover grape skins, seeds and stems.

  • Graffiti Vino Wine Council

    Brent Bedford

    Many years of entrepreneurial spirit & leadership has brought Brent to his latest Masterpiece - Graffiti Vino

    Shelley Bedford

    There is no greater joy than great wine with husband Brent at Shelley's side. Website and design skills will put her to the test here at Graffiti Vino.

    Peter Lloyd
    Industry Advisor

    With over 15 years of experience in the wine industry, Pete offers valuable insight to our team.

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